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akahito bondage cream loli naked yuri

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*adds bad_eating_habits tag* seriously we have quite a lot of pics here that could be tagged with it...
what is wrong with this one? I can't see any faults, except for some raster that wasn't smoothed out, but that is not a big deal.
I think you will find he is talking about what they are eating...
gah my atention is crap, I should read better
Questionable? She has cum dripping everywhere!
linnx said:
Questionable? She has cum dripping everywhere!
That's whipped cream.
I don't get how this works around here, srsly. This is totally explicit (one definition of explicit being 'leaving nothing to interpretation', which this clearly doesn't), so why is it tagged as questionable? It may not be cum but it's certainly drawn with the intention of simulating it (same as any other 'dripping with ice cream' style images).
I think you're right on this one. I've set it to E.

Anyone want to comment?
*it's not related to the site policy*
The mag is sold for all ages in Japan legally.
Viva :D
delicious ice-cream, you must drip it.