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[19:30:41] <@Guncannon> Saber's face looks so wrong.
[19:30:54] <WtFrostyCakes> ^
[19:31:51] <WtFrostyCakes> mouth
[19:31:55] <WtFrostyCakes> is too close to nose?
[19:34:11] <WtFrostyCakes> yeah i think it is
[19:34:19] <WtFrostyCakes> staring at it is making me laugh now
[19:34:54] <@Guncannon> One eye also looks to be bigger than the other.
[19:35:05] <@Guncannon> It's like she is high on drugs or something
[19:35:07] <@Guncannon> Very derpy
[19:35:27] <WtFrostyCakes> lol
[19:35:28] <WtFrostyCakes> maybe

edit: er, I'm WtfCakes
IRC I suppose.
Funny Username.