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dress ino izayoi_no_hanayome kiryuu_iyori lingerie see_through wedding_dress

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Beautiful lighting effects, and nice tone. It seems like she is kinda of nervous of what her lover will think only because of her love for her/him
You made me curious about Izayoi no Hanayome. I've had the CG but never actually read the plot.

Quote Originally Posted by Kestrel
I don't quite understand the story.Looks as if the hero is a vampire?And what about those girls,his "brides"?

Yes you play a Vampire.
Well, it's a SLG, so "everyday" you choose a destination or one of the girl you have unlocked. They are some stat for each girl and you need to take care of their blood presure (or she will die or reject you.. and game over ^^)
Every action, up some of this stats... so it's up to you what you want to do with who.
But you're limited in time, so you must made you choice carefully, or she will die or become a vampire too and kill you.
more lingerie than wedding dress - just the veil is wedding-like - but I guess there's no tag for that. :)

And the description of the plot - sounds like a game I played called Casual Romance Club a little - I liked that one - not just a linear story with some minor choices and a few endings, but you actually had to be strategic.