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BUMP for great justice.

Hoping that none of you end up like Kuroi sensei in this picture during X-mas time.

Oh and BTW... did Minami's mom ever appear in the series?
{Sigh~} Should I return to viewing Lucky Star kyoushiro? Already saw (all of it) the first Anime and found it boring (funny on some episodes)...but I'm seeing signs (Professional Fan-Art is one of the signs) that tell me to stay on anything new of Lucky Star.
dunno lol

I personally love it (specially MY Miyuki and MY Kagami).
Lucky Kuroi-sensei. No mindless whining about the same damn stories every year by family. Definitely the better way to spend xmas is to stay the hell away from people. But that may just be me. ;-)
heh we really need more pictures with izumi soujirou... Heh i am a sucker for a guy with blue hair... Dilf material there.
wonder what that glasses doujin artist girl does for christmas...