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amanatsu ayase_mao bikini cleavage fixed ginta sophia_yukari_misima swimsuits wet

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Really sorry for the double upload but I noticed an ugly spot on the right girl's head I forgot to edit. Gotta get the other one deleted. Anyway, this is a fixed version of - http://moe.imouto.org/post/show/9014

I really wanted to use this as a wallpaper so I fixed up that nasty binding down the middle. It's not perfect but it's close enough imo. The worst part is the glare from the sun up top. It doesn't look that great but meh. Also, I got rid of one ray of light because it was a pain to deal with.
Hmm... looking at it again I guess I could have fixed her hair and bikini a bit but the binding was much more obnoxious. Plus I didn't think about it. Oh well.
over 10 years ago
You wouldn't have more scans from that Amanatsu book in any luck?
Unfortunately no. I liked the scan, grabbed it from here, and fixed it up. You'd have to ask the original uploader for more.