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girl's_avenue pantsu thighhighs wet_clothes yatsuki_junichirou

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I don't know which I like more, sad girls in snow or sad girls sitting in shallow pools...
Found some info on this one by searching for the file resolution (3268x4832), one side advantage of high resolution scans is that the resolutions are often nearly unique ...

I left tagme because it still doesn't have an artist tag. It might be useful to be able to search for "all pictures with no artist tag", since that's a sort of tagme itself.
even danbooru doesn't know
(little hint, view source in a /post/show/<id>, look for a commented out section called Similar, it only works if the image is in danbooru)
I've noticed that in the source, but didn't pay attention to it. Why's it disabled?
Its tailored to only danbooru's system, I felt it was a unnecessary burden for another site to link to his resource. Hopefully I can get a copy of whatever he's running and have it running here locally which then I'll put it in
We now have one tailored to our system, I also included a link back to danbooru so we can reference artists if needed.