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male naked_ape

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and got the artist name... fff
Naked Ape LOL.
Hard to forget.
it's too fabulous for me to keep concentrate watching them.
then I passed raws to aurelia ;D

ps; doesn't anyone think it's safe? lol
I think it's pretty safe. :3
btw, I did different edit at the logos & texts.
isn't it cool? :D
Oh really? Wow! It is! :D
You are really patient AND skillful. XD
I tried reading a screening tutorial once and I totally failed. x.x
I'm always thinking how to teach my skill & knowledge to many people to reduce my jobs for scanning, and trying to say something eventually, but keep failing :/
how difficult to say technical matters as understandable texts with foreign language >_>
Agreed xDx
I've tried reading two posts about screening once, but my eyes couldn't reach the second line.

Well, I'd love to help if at least I had something to scan. :/ I've never seen an illustration book before, I live in a small city in Brazil so... x_x

Good luck with your scans midzki :3
It's kind of hard just to read about it. I did read the documentation for Greycstoration when I downloaded it, but it was really more like skimming. Most of what I can do now, I learned by fudging the settings until it looked good. What you can do is download PS, Greyc, and Neat Image and try to familiarize yourself with what everything does. forum #2290 should be useful too. Try messing around with some of the images under screening.
I have uploaded a great picture from Miwa Yoshikazu that is tagged with screening... I tried fixing it but I don't think it worked...

I have Photoshop only... x.x

Thank youf or the help anyways.... ^_^