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fixed kimono onineko

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I predicted you'd also take on fixing one of them, Merun. nice quality though =D
lol I was predicted. But well, good art calls for fixing ^^

And yes it's me. Surprising?
I agree! I love Onineko's works. Must have been pretty hard to fix x.x
... Yeah really surprising :-D I think you are the first person from Shuushuu I see here... :O

Why don't you use an avatar? Maybe a Tinkle's.... :P
I remember all members who touched my uploads, and when I noticed Merun posted his blog link onto pireze, I searched about him a bit (of cause also about shuushuu) :3

[added the link]
Oh, I see! Wow... :o
Pireze... Pi-re-ze... What was that again... x.x

No, come on, I'm beating my what-is-this record.

EDIT: Thank you ♥
I retouched a lot of scan, though I expect people to repost them here and elsewhere, so usually I keep a low profile here.

As for my avatar, it's stuck in custom because there is no invoice from Crescent xD
Oh... I see... :/

Yes, here in Internet Explorer avatars don't work either.
I've went to a friend's house to exchange mine, she has Firefox.
I put a Shaa's one.

Then midzki kindly posted this great Urotan picture and so I've downloaded Firefox for myself. Things were going pretty good until my anti virus found 45 warnings thanks to Firefox. I've managed to delete 44 and moved the other one to the vault, unninstalled Firefox and I never want to see it again. x_x
45 warnings? Whut. Considering IE is the most insecure browser ever devised I doubt those warnings in FF were anything to worry about (tracking cookies more than likely?)
I'm curious what those warning messages were. Can you check your AV log please?
Unless you browse 3D porn sites or crack sites..i doubt browsing moe or other anime-related sites would bring that much viruses. Maybe your AV is being retarded about it >_>
:/ I checked the warnings, they were not viruses, only "warnings", but enough to make me worried. I thought it must have been Moe Imouto or Sankaku Complex, even though I don't see... things. Well, I was suprised to see the words "Mozilla Firefox" in the location of all of them...


I can't believe I doubted of Moe Imouto. *shoots* I love this site. ^_^
Yeah, tracking cookies are listed under the warnings category in AV or anti-malware programs, they're nothing to be worried about. Firefox is 100^2 times more secure than IE, you'd be better off using that instead. Or opera like me, which is even more secure.
Opera? Huuum... I'll try it...

Hey, how do you know they are safer? Is there any research about it or it's just popular knowledge? :P

*downloading Opera*

EDIT: Just downloaded Opera. Well, it seems to be pretty cool :D
Debbie said:
Sankaku Complex
There is part of your problem.
Really? >_>

I thought it was similar to Danbooru and Moe Imouto so no problem...

Uuuh I was wrong.

Nah. I think it won't be much missed. :P Thank you for telling this to me. ^_^
Debbie said:
Really? >_>
Staffed by retards who couldn't hack it on 4Chan /b/ (Don't go there either for your own sanity)
Debbie said:
Opera? Huuum... I'll try it...

Hey, how do you know they are safer? Is there any research about it or it's just popular knowledge? :P
anything is safer than IE basicly because it's most used one and therefore viruses are basicly made to get through it. I myself never had even one issue when I used IE, I only changed to firefox to test if it was better and I actually saw no difference... but I were too lazy to get rid of it anymore.
I see...

Thank you guys for all the great help!
a friend of mine downloaded the latest version of Opera (v10) and he said it ate up his comp's memory, and it worked so bad that he changed back to Firefox.

i still have Opera v9.6 and it has always worked fine. i love this "Ctrl + click" to save images and "R click + L click" or "L click + R click" to browse.
what sucks is this Pentium 3 i have at work. it's so slow it can barely handle Deviantart.
Wow... I've just got Opera 10 and it's really fast, way faster than IE and Firefox. õ_o
Your friend's PC is strange...
well yes. strange things happen to his computer.