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bra breasts chinadress dmyo nipple_slip nipples nopan undressing

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This reminds me so much of Dmyo's art...

So pretty. ^_^'
Agree. From the thumb I thought it was dmyo's but the full size told me "No".
Dmyotic 5.0 begs to differ. This is an illustration of the doujin.
Any one know the relation of dmyo & amy? The alias name? As Merun said this picture is actually in Dmyotic 5.0, and there is a text mentioned Amy, but i can't read Japanese well.. see post #106277.
This blog says they're the same person. dmyo's Japanese blog is down right now, so I can't check further.
seems it's a name for commercial products.
some doujin artists like to use an alternative name for their professional carrier.