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the color of cloth at the print was vivid red which RGB color doesn't support. but in before, it seems scanner's CCD censor can't scan high satulated color, especially red :/
I'll work on this issue if I have a time, but does someone have good idea?
Saturate the red more on PS?
syaoran-kun said:
Saturate the red more on PS?
I tried but failed >_>
maybe because saturation was already reached at the highest point.
then I guessed hue shift has occurred at the high saturated area

yey =D
this color is more similar to the print

edit: if this hue shift is only occurred at the highest saturation point, then does decompose HSL => hue replacement at highest S might work? even though I don't have these kind of color adjusting experiments, I'll get over to do it ;D
If you're changing color space, be sure to change to 16-bit first, or you'll lose color resolution.