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blood murakami_suigun naked stockings thighhighs

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I want to make this into a wallpaper, but it's too big ._. Could you size it down to about 2500 pixels in width, please?
lol, can't you do that on paint, whateverimagevieweryouareusing?
1. It's too big to fit onto Paint. I doubt Paint can take it if Photoshop can't, or even my own browser, for that matter.

2. Even if I could, resizing things in Paint will make it look all pixelated and hideous.
use irfanview, setting resampling method Lanczos3
Wait. Use method Lanczos3? How do you do that, exactly?
There is a drop down box on its resize window iirc.
Don't remember detail because I'm using Xnview instead.
Is there a difference between the two [Irfanview and Xnview]?

Naw forget that. I'll just download and see. Thanks for the "customized" link.
AZD-A9S said:
Is there a difference between the two [Irfanview and Xnview]?

Naw forget that. I'll just download and see. Thanks for the "customized" link.
just a matter of likings. For example i like Xnview more.
I never really got on with xnview, much prefer irfanview.
Xnview is a full armored image viewer which has any function of image browsing and basic editing. but a bit slow to start up, and some 2 byte characters couldn't work because it's made from France :P
On the other hand, Irfanview hasn't some function which Xnview have, e.g. thumbnail catch, leveling, jpeg subsampling compression, e.t.c. but low memory required and very fast start up.
Irfanview and Xnview are different, i don't think you can compare them.

see Irfanview as a super "Fax and Image Viewer", that actually has options to edit images. it's only to view and, if you want, edit.

and see Xnview like a customizable Picasa. you browse, view and edit with it.

...well that's how i see it.
Which is probably why I get on with irfanview more than xnview, it does what I need without any unnecessary bells and whistles. I use it for batch converting/renaming thousands of images (cg packs amongst other things) which it does admirably and quickly, anything more than that and I'll use photoshop.
XnView is pretty clean after fixing up the UI settings. It's bad at large directories, unfortunately; if you open a directory with 500 subdirectories, it'll freeze while it needlessly scans every one of them. It lacks Unicode support, too. Too bad it's not open source, or I'd have fixed that stuff (and many other minor but irritating UI glitches) long ago...

I tried Irfanview at one point but hated the UI, if I remember correctly.
The UI of Irfanview is came from 20th century :/
Fast stone image viewer has better UI than Xnview, but too slow to use.
Irfanview's UI is simple and clean, that's why I like it. I don't need a thousand buttons cluttering my screen up, which unfortunately xnview has.
Image viewer must have a simple clean cool skin like my opera =D
XnView's UI is clean, just turn the extra stuff off. http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/9735/blahw.jpg

Irfanview's UI is just useless.