bra dress fomalhaut hagiwara_yukiho open_shirt pantsu tanaka_shoutarou the_idolm@ster undressing

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dear uploader, i am Simon, i am always known as Wounded Shinobi on Deviant Art.
with promission, i like to hand draw you uploaded photo here and post it to my page.
do not worry, i am not taking credit for this one, your User ID and home page will be
shown on the tagged to tell the viewers that this photo is not my Art Work. all all credit
goes to you. thanks.

E-mail me to grant and un grant my request.
It's not mine, the fact that I uploaded it doesn't give me any right over it, so no need to credit me. It's on the internet so you can do whatever you want with it.
Credit to the original artist (Yellow tag)