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ummm...wait a sec. who is the girl under Signum who looks the same as Subaru (beside the eye color)??
Wait and find out? There is only 3 posts for Force for a simple reason.
can't wait Dx.....when is comming out btw??
I wish I knew. Sci wants more Nanoha. :(
Now that I think about it, I think I do know where to find out who it is.

Other than Ginga, Subaru has 3 siblings. (mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha vivid Vol 1 Ch2 P18) which makes it either Wendy or Nove (the 3rd has the wrong colour hair). Unfortunately the manga is b&w and the hair style doesn't match so I can't be sure of which of them it is, if either.
I reviewed an ep of StrikerS and noticed that Ginga has the same color eyes as Subaru. Ginga also looks more mature than the "girl" in the poster. It might be safe to say that it's not Ginga but a new character/protege.

The Movie 1st will be released theatrically in Japan on January 23rd, 2010 [+/- a coupla days - can't recall exactly cuz all the promo posters I saw in Japan were in Japanese - so I can only figure out the characters in Chinese form].
Ooops, just noticed that the poster is for Force. Ignore my Movie 1st release date. :D But Ginga still has the same color eyes as Subaru :P
It was obviously not Ginga. She has the same shade of purple hair as her sisterspoiler.