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cleavage crossdress gumi hatsune_miku kagamine_len kagamine_rin kaito kamui_gakupo megurine_luka meiko sling_bikini swimsuits vocaloid yuuno_(yukioka)

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borat was a stupid movie........

lawl, poor len
So you have noticed... The hand strategically drawn... XD
Actually Miku is supposed to be as flat-chested as rin is, but people think she's better looking so they draw her witth bigger breast
Wait a minute! o_O
The person who's desing this picture doesn't know that the boys have "something" between the legs?? =/
and besides designed them with an absurd and unnecessary female pose
completely ignoring their nature, and the "gift" of it u___u
A shame... could be a fantastic and funny picture.... T__T

Anyway... what's the problem in drawing a simple "package" after such great breasts? ¬¬
Kaito, gakupou your dicks are tiny!