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This one have sharp edge.
azmaria_hendric cameltoe chrno_crusade jpeg_artifacts over_drive pantsu wave_ride

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The first I time I saw this picture, I was using a 17'' crt monitor...
What is the difference between the parent/child?
5.2 KiB and a whole lot of nothing
some shadows of the parent one is blurred.
fireattack said:
some shadows of the parent one is blurred.
Can you add a note so I can compare? Both images are JPEG artifacted to hell.
which od is this ?

also all lines are blurred on other one... its the blur-shading thing, whereas this has "clear" shadowing...
The shaded area, ack. I must be going blind or something... ah well.
I see now. Some of the other scans from the over drive collections were like that. Well spotted.