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Ugh, who tagged this game? Zettai Maoh? Way to completely confuse the correct pronunciation of 王. I suppose it's something that they at least didn't use a macron though.

Anyone with an ounce of sense would search for zettai_maou, which brings up no results for obvious reasons. Therefore I suggest this be retagged as maou and aliased to maoh for those who can't romanize properly.
You don't need to be so rude when pointing out a mistake...
Oh yes I do, I hate it when people corrupt Japanese by using stupid methods of romanization and they deserve every last bit of contempt they get.
That doesn't excuse you being rude.
Hah! Like you're one to talk.
No, really, don't be a dick.
Relax you crazy wapanese, yeesh! ; )
For some odd reason, I think I'm going to like this site...
I suppose no one's here to rise a riot or something.
It doesn't deserve the anger you get.
Guys, you lose when you get - if not serious - too serious.
hahahaha(laughing) fighting for small prize dont profit ya much(^__^)
Except for this post #91326 I really like this artist's style.
Argh!!! my eyes!! it hurt!! some1 have some eye drop i need it now!!! i dont know that were "Homo" stuff ya got there!! ARGH!! my brain hurt!! this post surely making me remember my old stupid past!!

even my eyes hurt but still i have to give comment about this one... it look good no wonder it hit ya.. the tones, effect n more.... ahh!! the the memory of the past it coming back so fast!!

The Memory;
Aflame Inferno say" DuDE are u lost ya mind? just because there were no girl to touch doesn't mean u have to do that stuff all over there.... no mouth been use nor ass.. it just hand moving on their ***k... use ur head to imagine how it work..." My friend said" eh? u cum already? so Aflame wanna try? it fun. come on.." Aflame in his mind"DuDE!!... i will not do that for sure.. maybe if there were girl that INVITED me to do it. just maybe..." ... oh god... please hit my head with something that could make me forgot that past...
( Age:12 place: forgot time:dont want to remember..)