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I've got a lot of Urotan sketches just like these, but I don't think people here like his art so much... :/

But, if anyone's interested, I'll gladly upload them! ^_^
It doesn't matter if people like it much or not, just upload them.
Mmmkaaay!! Got it, thanks for replying. ♥

EDIT: I've just uploaded all, hope you guys like it.
It would mean a lot if you could upload them
I'm very happy to hear that, hope they help you friend. :-)

If you want, I can upload some safe/questionable doujin pages too, but, sorry, I really can't upload explicit ones. But you can easily download Urotan's doujin, just search on Google and you'll find the torrent. ♥
Oh... How can I do that? (I'll try to figure it out for myself but thanks anyways ♥)
Radioactive said:
VorpalNeko said:
Pool Help
Rock on for instant help ^^
asterixvader said:
It doesn't matter if people like it much or not, just upload them.
Agreed - just look at other... things... people are uploading <.<
Wow... Lol guys... Thanks very much, I've figured it out... :-)

I can't thank you enough... xD

You are all very great... Everyone from this lovely site. ♥

And-- Haha, you're right! I prefer Urotan's sketches than a lot of other artists' colored works.
Sorry to bother You again Debbie, but do you have Protoypes 0.1? been looking for that forever and as well as this collection, thanks again for the uploads and your time...
Oh dear, Prototypes 0.1 wasn't included on the torrent I downloaded, but I'll search around for you, okay dear? I don't even know if that exists, but it would be nice... Right ♥

I'll post it as soon as I find it! And you are always welcome, glad you like them.

EDIT: Dear... All I could find was http://btjunkie.org/torrent/urotan-uropyon/3771128f1d9d977a217f0b3728974d9aa33dfc98b644

and http://doujinshi.mugimugi.org/book/123842/Prototypes-0.1/

I'm so sorry... I have to go now but I'll search better later... :(
Ah, it's ok thanks for the torrent and the second link, don't worry about searching better, I'll look for it and if i find it, I'll post it here lol....thank you

Thanks for uploading the sketches~ The art style is cute ♥
Yes!!! Urotan's art is soo adorable...

Thanks so much Panda Cam, good luck with it!!! ♥
Hey. Why did you remove the pool?
Debbie said:
Hey. Why did you remove the pool?
Who did?
I have no idea... I carefully added post by post to "Prototypes 0.2" and someone removed it.
Debbie said:
I have no idea... I carefully added post by post to "Prototypes 0.2" and someone removed it.
Are you sure?? According to the pool history and the image tag history it was never even in the pool to begin with. Post #99498 that is.

I didn't see the name change... From Prototypes 0.2 to... That thing.

Haha, I am so stupid sometimes! Thanks for the help, I am editing this right now.
Thanks for uploading all these, I recently lost my entire Urotan collection, but this helps me recover it *u*
Thank you! >3<b