Scans of tutorial books
I scanned some tutorial books for drawers, but some of them are hardly to find because I just left the links on the comments. therefore, I made this topic Σd(ゝω・o)

Basic tutorials:
  • Moe chara no jouzu na kakikata (pool #1376)
  • Shashin kara kakiokosu Manga dessin (mu)
  • Shoujo illust minon chou / seifuku collection (post #145800)
  • Shoujo illust mihon chou / multi-angle (post #145283)
  • Moe style no kakikata (pool #1604)
  • Doubutsu no Kakikata (mf)
  • Teashi no kakikata master guide (mu)
  • Manga no kiso Dessin - Onnanoko Costume hen (pool #2104)
  • Moe Character no Kakikata Kao/Karada hen (pool #2192)
  • Moe Character no Kakikata Costume Hen (pool #2260)
Advanced tutorials:
Misc references:
PS: please show links, or post scans if you have something I wasn't posted ('▽'*)
Been meaning to collect these into a thread but i couldn't remember which we had >.>
Thank you a lot crim!!

I had checked some of those awesome pools before. I liked a lot but I have to say pool #1376 is my favorite.

This thread is really useful and I hope it helps more people!
I will keep checking it!
( =^ω^)にゃんにゃんお!
How to draw animals;

FFF, Thank you so much!!! That's incredible!
Omg I needed this! hahaha~
Thanks so much, crim. These are really well done books; much better than the ones available in English. They will be a great help.
How to draw hands & feet;

\( ^ヮ゜)>
An ENTIRE book on hands and feet?! That's amazing. Thanks again, crim!
What a nicely-done book. Everything includes photos and sketch examples. Many different positions and angles, and also hand positions that we frequently get mistaken. Even without understanding Japanese, it's kind of simple to get the teacher's thought. Very good one.
Does anybody know if there is any were to get these in english
I wouldn't suggest you use these anime styled books for anatomy topics. check out Bridgman, Loomis, or Gottfried Bammes.
I'm only scanning books only available in Japan, no translation(´・ω・`)
FYI, they're about certain styles for someone who already have basic skills. You need to learn basics before read them
Hey! It's great! I like them. Thank you very much, crim!
bloodangel619 said:
Does anybody know if there is any were to get these in english
Unless someone is willing to translate, I doubt there are English copies. I know there are some books in a series called "How to Draw Manga" that are fairly detailed and entirely in English, I'll see about getting them scanned. I have the first 3-4 volumes somewhere here
fuglyugly99 said:
I know there are some books in a series called "How to Draw Manga" that are fairly detailed and entirely in English, I'll see about getting them scanned. I have the first 3-4 volumes somewhere here
Thank you a whole lot Fuglyugly!!
We really appreciate it.
I have a few 'How to Draw Manga' tutorial books too. I'll scan them, and upload them on Mediafire when I get the chance.~
ashorichan said:
upload them on Mediafire when I get the chance.~
Definitely not here please.
Thanks a lot, I was really looking for them, but it will cost me 2 much coz of shipping.

Really appreciated
ShadowVIII, Ponnkun is taking an order service that might be of your interest. He is paying for the shipping fees. Why don't you check his forum thread?
I'll be waiting for your scans ashorichan. Thanks!
Thanks so much for scanning these, they're really helpful! ^^ We're really appreciate it!
Thanks a lot for the scannings =D it really helps!
Thank you very very much Crim! I been looking for this kind of tutorial! Thanks Again! :)
Super sports dessin. How to draw dynamic poses by the chief animator of anime Major:

Below is my way of choosing and reading tutorial & reference books, just some personal opinion, and I'm a beginner myself :P

1. Don't try to collect everything you come across, but also don't just get one book and think it's enough: Too many books would cost too much time to read and bog you down both physically and mentally. But sometimes reading another reference book gives you new ideas, which often lead to major breakthroughs. So a good tactic is to get a few books, choose one as the primary one and practice according to it carefully, and read through the rest and see if you find something interesting.

2. Choose books with examples that have rough lines. These lines are important guides to constructing a body that looks right. But don't try to totally replicate the way how a professional do this, they often look simple but is actually quite difficult. For example, beginning with the spine and shoulder, waist and hip lines is a method taught in many books, but I find it less friendly to beginners than beginning with two cones.

3. Some parts are of exceptional visual importance deciding whether a dessin looks right or not.Try to gather these knowledge and take memos from books, forum threads and pixiv tutorials For example: The key to drawing a wrist is to remember that it's narrower than the lower arm. This looks like knowledge everybody readily have, but applying this to drawing is another thing.

4. Realize the difference of drawing genres clearly. For example, manga art usually have much longer faces than galgame art (In other words, galgame art uses the loli end of manga art). By this I don't mean that you can't learn to draw galgame art from manga tutorials or vice versa, but realizing this beforehand saves time .
I personally think you should take in any information about drawing as you can. Just because one may not fit your drawing style or technique doesn't harm you in learning another technique. Mixing and Blending media adds customization, shouldn't limit your choices.
Thank you for this tutorials.i love to draw this thing very much. :)
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Very helpfull indeed but please see the links who broke while downloading you'll be of great help it says corrupted zipped file
and thank you sooooooooooooooooo much
the how to draw manga series in english repeat the same knowledge again and again
this really helps I'm grateful to you ^^ *hugs*