Signed posts
If a name doesn't belong on an image, either take it out or don't post it.

I'm not going to mass-delete signed/watermarked posts, but we'll gradually be going through them and either editing out the signatures (if anyone cares about the post enough to bother) or deleting them.

A few extreme examples:
- The most disgusting case I've seen.
- This guy goes so far as to demand credit in big, bold letters--while actually refering to the real artist as the "respective owner". He demands credit without giving it?
- And this guy seems to think he's far more important than the artist, judging by how he put himself in a big, bright typeface next to the nearly-unreadable author name.

This has got to stop. Vectoring something doesn't make it yours, making a wallpaper out of something doesn't make it yours, and scanning something sure as hell doesn't make it yours. Let's set some standards and not accept this garbage. I hope I'm not the only one who finds this sickening.
erh... If you're gonna do this, please tell me how to remove sigs.

I have some Guilty Gear stuff I'd like to share but they all have AP sigs lmao.
petopeto said:
I hope I'm not the only one who finds this sickening.
No you're not.

kyoushiro said:
erh... If you're gonna do this, please tell me how to remove sigs.
Did a little searching.

Two Example Links

Going by those two, you have to be dedicated in editing the text out. Unless there is some program that I don't know that can just strip the text out and not deleting or editing anything underneath it, you'll have to take some time in doing them carefully. More time is needed if the image is more...complicated with the text in certain good spots of an image.

It all depends on the image and where the text / signature / etc. is placed at.
sickshops (゚ペ) I've been saying kill them all and actually did mass deleted several times

Here is a theorem: skill a bit, sign a lot ヘ(゚∀゚ヘ)アヒャ
Make them go away =)
I've been on board with this idea for a long time now. More in-depth discussion here and it still bothers me when people try to hide it (location spoiler).
I've started tagging posts miscredited. I'm only doing this where I think someone might want to fix the post. If you like one of these, fix it (remove the false credit), repost it and flag the original.

I'm simply deleting posts that are too low quality or otherwise uninteresting (eg. non-art-focused magazine scans) which I doubt anyone would ever fix.

Miscredited posts will eventually be deleted if nobody likes it enough to fix it.

Beware of JPEGs and avoid double-artifacting; if in doubt, save as PNG. If you want help fixing posts, please talk in other threads (the short answer is: clone stamp, patch tool, practice).
i did sign some of my early vectors but that was a habit i got out of quickly enough, and seeing this discussion here made me remember that...
the 4 signed traces that i posted here have already been flagged for deletion pending replacement... i'd totally forgotten that they were originally signed since i don't have the signatures in my master files.

I noticed that with signed vectors, you see animepaper named a lot in the signature. I don't really mean to start bashing of other sites, but there's a lot about animepaper i don't really like. I also noticed that some people who signed vectors... well... you sometimes end up thinking 'why the hell would you want to put your name onto THAT?!' because the quality of the vector is so low...

well, 5 in the morning isn't a good time to be posting stuff and trying to make sense so this is all i'm going to say...
Sorry for reviving this. I know this is an old thread but it is stickied and open so it is of most importance I assume.

I don't suppose you could update those examples you had posted petopeto or any Moderator? The site had moved so those pages can't be found - at least not in my end.

I forgot to mention the domain thing not working but anyway thanks to Cyberbeing and fireattack below, this thread have been updated so good.
fireattack said:
For the sample images, just fixing the domain as you did http://domain/sample/md5.jpg won't work.

The only url layout that works is now: http://domain/sample/md5/tags.jpg
Cyberbeing said:
For the sample images, just fixing the domain as you did (http://domain/sample/md5.jpg) won't work.

The only url layout that works is now: http://domain/sample/md5/tags.jpg
o my bad. fixed.
just a question.
Why do you think removing the signature, which removes credit of the artist, is a good idea?

Sure you may say "we know who made it" but the guy that downloads it and then uploads it somewhere else doesn't include the artist and boom, nobody knows who really made it.

On another note, why is "signed" a bad tag, but "autographed" a neutral one?
The wiki does tell you the difference, but historically they have not been used correctly. Signed is if a site/user claims credit for something which does not belong to them. Autographed is used for signed digital/physical scans by the actual artist.
Oh so the entire page has been using "signed" where they should have used "autographed". Since i see a lot of art where the artists name is part of the drawing (nametags, carved into stone, other kind of text on objects) that are all tagged "signed"
I've repeated that at least 5 times in comments but people don't seem to listen.

I will just nuke "signed" tag at a point (the "correct" use of it can be covered by watermark anyway).
Done. Will redirect it to deletethistag later.

I also unstick this post, since "signed posts" in the definition of original discussion is no longer common and we have too many sticky posts already.