Site SSL certificate is configured incorrectly!
I've already send an email to notify the admin already but just in case:

The 3 days old SSL certificate has problems:

I ran a check on the domain:

openssl s_client -debug -connect

and the end result is:

Certificate chain
0 s:/OU=Domain Control Validated/CN=*
i:/O=AlphaSSL/CN=AlphaSSL CA - G2
Start Time: 1405152240
Timeout : 300 (sec)
Verify return code: 21 (unable to verify the first certificate)
read from 0x256e258 [0x2573803] (5 bytes => 5 (0x5))

The Certification chain should contain more than one element!
This is a security issue, please fix it as will be vulnerable to man in the middle attack (Aside from scary warning messages from all browsers)
There's instructions on how to fix this issue here:

and scroll to answer 3 for the solution

With this problem, browsing is possible only with certain browsers.
Chrome for android warns about the certificate issue, if you suppress the warning and keep browsing, no images will load because they come from a * with the same SSL certificate!
Android default browser floods the screen with warning messages about the broken SSL certificate(it shows a SSL warning dialog for EVERY IMAGE RESOURCE)
I receive no emails, who did you send it to?

There's no ssl for (mobile version) so it's natural you are seeing the warning on the mobile site version. It will be fixed Later™

Here's the SSL analysis for

Nevetherless I'll be looking into your report and expect a fix Soon™

Thanks for telling.
You got chain issues in the report(scroll down a bit)
I've sent the email to
If you got a smartphone, access the site with the normal url(not and see what happens.

You might also want to run
openssl s_client -debug -connect

if you have a linux box
Yeah I understand the issue, I'll fix it in the late evening.

I have figured out the SSL broker sent me the wrong intermediate certificate. I've updated the system with the correct intermediate certificate.

Everything should work correctly now.
Thank you!!!
Fix confirmed working:

Start Time: 1405192044
Timeout : 300 (sec)
Verify return code: 19 (self signed certificate in certificate chain)
maybe cgange ssl cert
stefakdraft said:
maybe cgange ssl cert
Sorry, why reply to a 7-year old forum thread?

Anyway, the current SSL cert expires in July.
SSL is needed tool for protecting any websites. I bought antivirus and buy certificate
for two my websites. As we know communication between user and website visitors will be fully safeguarded. Better to save own websites against hackers.
The next person bringing this dead thread up will receive a 90 days ban. Directly from me.