Any way to download everything at one go?
My hard disk crashed. 1 terabyte of everything I've collected since 1995. Including all the artbooks here.

Is there an easy way to download everything again without going to each pool's individual page?
damn, i feel sorry for you. since 1995???
sorry i dont know how to help, but i suggest you start with what you deem to be most essential, if nothing works... at least you havent really "lost" most stuff, since we can still get them on the internet.
You'll eventually realise it's pointless downloading everything.
I'd rather not download everything, but at least have an easier way to pick up from an RSS program and download images to specific folders. Wallpapers go to wallpapers, vertical images in the vertical pile and H-images in the H-pile. I've yet to do all of that, but I use FireFox with addon "Save Image in Folder" and it works really well but I'd like something faster. Like a program prearranging everything for me and I just say "yes" or "no" to the images to save in my folders.
im not afraid as i used to be of losing my files, cuz everything nowadays is so much easier to get. from images to music to programs. google saves your favorites. whats left can be stored in dropbox or something. its really reassuring to know you can get the files back anytime.