Quick question about full gallery sorting
I've been here for years, but now I've noticed something and would like to clarify it.

The full gallery (https://yande.re/post) default order is descending date. Newer posts go first. However, we also have posts which are held until users finish tagging them and such. You access them with holds:true as a filter.

The question here is exactly how are those held posts treated when they finally appear in the full gallery. Are they ordered by their original post date, or by the date they become visible?

So for example, I update an image as held and leave it there for a whole year. Then today I remove the held mark, and the image appears on the regular gallery. Will it be placed with the images from a year ago or will it be the first one?

I have the impression some posts are being placed before the most recent one.
Unholding posts drops them into the normal queue. Sensible, as if you were to release images at their held date then no-one would see them.

This doesn't appear to hold true for popular_recent? Popular appears to sort by date for unheld images.