div said:
I want to recommend this UWP app in the Microsoft Store Moecatnip: https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9NBLGGH4STNM

It support many features from yande.re including tags, rating, parent, login, etc.
The app supports many Windows10 features: Fluent design, sharing, Live tile, wallpaper and lock screen customization, etc.

Tip: For unlock the questionable and explicit ratings, go to search and type rating:explicit. You will get a message, later in the filtering settings, tick the questionable and explicit options. Also, there are many questionable/explicit tag blacklisted for default, just delete them in the filtering settings too.

Actually the R18 content in the app is occult because Microsoft Store policies. But with this, you can access to all the content.
Thanks for mentioning it.
However I haven't decided which license to use yet. Most likely MIT.