NhiDongSunRang said:
I shared > 10 books here with my own money, but I won't share anything here from now on.
Because I noticed a lot of book here been shared in download sites that use adf.ly/rapidgator etc... to profit from it. I thought Japanese wouldn't find this website since it's English. But I was wrong.

I will buy new books but only share in the private discord group, which only people contributing something can join.

Good bye.
sadly, that's just how the internet works.

in the past I've bought and uploaded lots of things in places like Orkut communities and Fb pages (like programs, musics, books and others) and in less than a hour they were all reuploded at some other random place... at first I had the same reaction as you guys are having, but my wish to help people to get the things they liked/wanted was bigger than this, so I kept doing it until I couldn't anymore (because life)... I never got a single coin from doing it, but helping and seeing people thankful for the help I was doing to them was enough for it.

but well, though it kills the purpose of this thread it's still your decision... it probably will be harder for lots of people that can't have easy access to these stuff but nothing we can do now.

anyway, thanks for all you and the others contributed and hope you keep doing well.