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animal_ears cleavage kousaki_rui mizuno_kaede neko nekomimi nyan_koi wallpaper

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source changed to the page of this pic instead of the address of the pic.
I think linking to the page is better because without a pixiv account, you can still view the image's thumbnail and info.
linking to the pic's address without an account will give you an error page.
Source is used to use the Find Artist function. Have to use the direct image link for that.
haha, I didnt know there's function like that ^^
is this what you are refering to?

Suppose you know the artist's homepage, but can't figure out their name. Simply search for the URL (beginning with http) and Danbooru will return any associated artists.

If you have an image, you can query the MD5 hash and Danbooru will try to deduce the artist that way. Simply enter a 32 character hex encoded hash and Danbooru will figure out what you mean.
please dont feel offended, but I just dont understand how that could be useful ^^
you click on this post, and find the image interesting.
And you want to find more from that artist, so you go to the tags and click on the artist tag to find everything from that artist.
But sometimes (more than likely often for images from pixiv ^^) imouto doesnt have everything, so you go to the source the and search over there.
If you have the address of the image, well, you should already have every bit of info you need. Why would you still want to use the address to search?
So I think having the source direct to the image's address is really not that useful and will just give you an error if you try to really go to the source page.
But if this is the way people do it here, I wont mind ^^
If you click the pixiv url link on the left under Statistics, it will open up http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=6807586 .
^^ right and thats the url I edited to which is the url to the page not the image.
I can see in the tag history that there's lots of changes on the source
But what I really want to say is if you dont have an pixiv account, linking to the image will give you an error while linking to the page will still give you lots of info on the artist
sorry but I am not missing the point ^^
click on this http://img08.pixiv.net/img/rui1374kousaki/6807586.jpg will direct you to the image itself, which is not that useful.
linking to the page here http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=6807586 the page that contains the image and other info of the artist
A neko I know and an unknown neko debating........weird.........