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Yuck? I can't say that I find it to be a very interesting pic, but what's yuck about it? How grainy it is or the fact that they put a drawn image on top of an actual picture? Or is this just _really_ not to your taste?
Someone made a half-arsed attempt at extracting the girl, and pasted it onto a seascape. What the hell is she doing in the middle of the sea, and how does she walk on water?

Quality is pretty bad as well.
I see what you mean. The girl is cross-thatched and rough edged; the sea is grainy.
Reminds me of a few shots i've done on my camera :)
Yeah, this one looks horrible. In fact I've never seen a successful mix of a photograph and an anime-style drawn character. They just always fail, especially when people tend to throw in a ton of filters to make the photo appear more "drawn".
I would love to see the original artwork, i think the artist has good and original style.
I've always been a fan of his work, its wrong to chop it up.
Radioactive said:
post #8514 is the best I've seen so far.
Yeah thanks!
this game was released over 8 years ago, still awesome as a 3d photo background galge.