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bandaid kissxsis loli naked pantsu pussy suminoe_ako suminoe_riko transparent_png uncensored watermark

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riko and ako it a beatiful and cantik sexy and sex
Aren't we missing something here? Wait is that Supposed to be a vagina? because it looks like barbie when a rasor blade cut her perfectly enough to convinse the world that Yes she Did have one.
the trace isn't very good anyway and i dislike nudity for nudity's sake
Sure your entitled to your opinion i'm just saying, if your planning on making Any image a nude one, might as well do it right otherwise your sitting at your screen thinking, "Wait, What?".
right enough

but imo, if the source image has nudity then making the trace nude is obviously fine, but as far as these nudeshops we see around... i don't like them, especially because most of them are quite bad, or at least i start off by thinking "Wait, What?" and then move on to more impolite thoughts. and, as i said, i dislike nudity for nudity's sake
I don't really bother with that kind of stuff. i have no idea what i'm doing. the only program i ever use for Any editing is Paint, and i use only use it to make half-decent avatars. otherwise then that i really don't have any interest in drawing/editing a picture for my own private use. Best picture i ever drew was a Pokemon one with pichu and the evolution of Quilava together.
and i was looking at it from the point of view of someone who also vectors