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いいオートグラフだ。( ´∀`)どこに手に入れたのか。
生サイン!? (゚∀゚)
I'd kill to understand you guys.
Kalafina said:
Decay background \ (^ o ^) /
Silver or metal Yappa baggage system is impossible
syaoran-kun said:
Autograph is good. ( '∀ `) [Got anymore].
midzki said:
Sign[ed] raw? (° ∀ °)
Kalafina said:
That's the [signing] attached to Advance tickets for theatre awards
But unfortunately I'm not autograph untilー
I've tided up the odd bit but it's still only a rough translate.
oh! so that what it mean... i wish i can learn japan language somehow...(=__=)