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Bakaneko, I'd like to point you to the wiki: breasts is not used when topless. If you have any doubt about tags ask for a wiki if it doesn't exists.
petopeto said:
(Can't think of why...)
what, specifically
What what? Breasts and topless aren't mutually exclusive. If anything, it should be an implication.
Hey, whatever you say :) I just tagged what I saw - and this is one of the best series of Touhou pics by the way in case anyone cares.
topless or naked + breasts is redundant.
No, it's not. That doesn't make sense at all--it means if you want to search for "breasts", you also have to search for "topless" and "naked" separately. (Not to mention that you'll get a bunch of stuff you weren't searching for too, eg. post #124366 is topless without breasts and FFFFFFFFFF is naked without breasts.)
Breasts in such way is too broad, wouldn't help to find specific stuff. Instead, I think it's useful for various positions, and actions like undressing, or open_shirt. There, searchs like breasts lingerie are delightful.
petopeto said:
Randomly omitting the tag doesn't make it more useful, it just makes it inconsistent.