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genderswap kämpfer kondou_mikoto megane mishima_akane sakura_kaede sangou_shizuku screening seifuku senmu senou_natsuru thighhighs

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In my opinion... the author was cruel, he made, in my opinion, the cutest girl in the series the one who's the gender bend victim. Then again, it's usually always like that.
under the name of comedy... there comes the victim...
Female Natsuru really is cute, but I can't compare him/her to Mikoto till now so I will still wait a bit till I can compare them.
Even so, my favourite girl is Shizuku.
comedy will happen when some1 get mad without understanding the situation or just misunderstood... LolZ!!! It sure get wacky when that happen even in the real World....

It just like when my little sister see me reading ecchi manga in the pc... she think im seeing porn or hentai i quest.... she tell mom then i got Brain wash for 1 night.... from that times i always lock my room so my sister will not just get in my room when im reading ecchi or "hentai"...LolZ if she knock. just close the hentai or the ecchi manga....(^__^)
Aflame_Inferno said:
she tell mom then i got Brain wash for 1 night
Say what?
Luckily my sister is more into such things than I am, at least that is what I guess.