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cameltoe lolita_fashion pantsu pantyhose tinkle

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the new action test.
the action has descreening pass, reduce bleed through pass, reduce paper texture pass, and reduce dust pass.
the result image has 3 layers with tonemasks, then adjusted manually with a pen tablet.
The quality is fantastic, Midzki! And the picture itself it's so adorable.
It seems like you've worked hard on it! I didn't know you had a tablet.
Thanks for sharing! ♥
I had 4:3 the cheapest FAVO which ragged out and didn't fit my 16:10 monitor.
I bought a new bamboo when I bought a new scanner.
now My PC, HD, mouse, scanner, tablet, e.t.c are all cool black
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

I wasn't able to shop post #85866 without a tablet =3