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Hmm, the color still looks strange..
Yep, I tried to un-wonk-ify them, but they're still wonky. They were all adjusted manually. Mostly tried to poke at levels some, add more magenta and cyan, and lower saturation.
Please fix this one guys, it's simply perfect. My favorite picture from Ryohka.
I just feel sorry for not being able to fix it myself. Good luck with it.

EDIT: I tried to fix it, IDK how it looks for you. Anybody want to volunteer and give your opinion on it? I'll host it on Imageshack, if so. Well, IMO it looks better than this one.
You can try (looks like you did) but you're not going to get far. It's missing too much information about the darks, especially in the blue and green channels. Can't just pull the info out of thin air.
I have a darker version of the one I posted, I was in doubt which one to post. The darker one seemed to be too colorful for me, but when I posted the lighter one, it seemed to lack color. May I post the darker one and delete the one I've posted then?
Sample of the darker one
the best we can do is ask merun of rescanning them without color clipped out.
the book has a possibility of illuminant metameric failure, but it can be measured by plain scans without tight leveling.
even I failed scanning them many times and rescanned hundreds of pages.
I see. Yeah, well, this page is worth a rescan.
I hope he does that.