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Original size image link contains errors...
Cloud, you can help this person!

@zinjo: See comments on post #5479 for help.
I don't use "show original image" option unless it's small.
we might need a caution that "this site has images can't open on the net"
Perhaps someone wants to create a wiki entry?
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@ gohanrice

On it! :D

@ zinjo

The pic opens fine in my browser, but the resolution is quite large to work on other browsers. You can still save it to your desktop by right-clicking the "Original image (11.5 MB)" at the left of the page and selecting "Save As", then trying to view it on your desktop.

I also recommend you activate "Show Image Samples" in My Account -> Settings so that it always displays sane-resolution samples (and with lower file sizes), so they will always load. Be careful what you're saving though (by right clicking the image), as that is not the original picture (found by clicking "Original image" link at the left side of the page)!
Radioactive said:
Perhaps someone wants to create a wiki entry?
Humm?? What exactly would we put? Original resolution may be too large for internet browsers to handle?