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about 11 years ago
picture won't open, similar to the two Luise pics on page one. suggestions for fix please?
The pic is too big (7441x16535) to open on most browsers and programs. You can still save the original in all it's integrity on the HDD, but it will be hard displaying it without some serious professional software (like Photoshop).

If you can't see the pic right after opening this page, it means you activated the option to directly view the original image. You can deactivate that if you want to get the much smaller (sane) size picture. If you aren't registered as a user here, that means deleting your cookies for this site.
Xnview can show high-res images.
but if you got a memory error with it, use irfanview instead.
@Cloud737: Please look at the date of the post if you're writing a response. It's been 2.5 years. Likely the person who wrote that has figured out the problem by now, or at the very least won't be expecting an answer after such a long time.
His comment can be considered more generalizable.
I don't see a problem with his comment.
It was more directed at the general populous. I've seen a few other new users lately responding to really old comments.
Who cares? People are nitpicking way too much about comments. This isn't SMS, they're not costing us $.15 each...
petopeto said:
This isn't SMS
lol, ok I won't nitpick anymore.
Sorry, I saw the date only after I posted. Irony has it that I had this same problem minutes ago, and found an answer on the forum, and was all to trigger-happy to help a fellow companion in pain when I saw this that I didn't even look to see the date.

Still, I probably would've posted it anyway (for the general populace). Besides, I think it's great old pics re-surface on the comments page. :D
OK, I think I figured it out, for me at least.

I simply save the "page" after the HD image loads and it saves the image.

I've seen this before and Cloud737 is right its a display issue with browsers.
LOL, what a coincidence someone bumped into the same problem as me and my late-response has helped them.

@ zinjo

You don't have to save the page, you can also right-click "Original Image" at the left side of the page and then select Save As (or, alternatively, load it in a new tab and then press CTRL-S, even if it says it contains errors - the image is still loading fine and will be saved on your HDD).

I've also left other tips at your other post #107757 comment.