General: dakimakura

Original size images of dakimakura are hidden to normal users to prevent abuse.

Japanese body pillow printed with anime characters, usually in a state of undress or nightwear. Use this tag for images scanned from a 3D dakimakura, or an illustration that was printed on one.

If you post dakimakura scan pieces:

  • Rate the first piece as if the dakimakura were already completely stitched (e.x. rating:e for post #108695, even though genitals aren't visible in the specific post).
  • Make the first piece the parent to the the rest, then hide the child posts.
  • Tag the first piece with the character, artist, circle and copyright, fixme and stitchme.
  • Tag all of the pieces with partial scan.
If you stitch something that has pieces here:

  • Reparent the old pieces to make the stitch the parent.
  • Copy the character, artist, circle and copyright from the original first piece.
  • Remove all tags except partial_scan from the original first piece, then hide it.
(Partially copied from Danbooru)
Updated by fireattack about 3 years ago