I'd improve the site by adding some actual consequences to people uploading images that clearly have an artist signature on the image in legible script but they are too busy splooging their digital art transloads onto the site to bother adding an artist tag.

The main problem I have is that I'm not sure how to get it done.

People will be people and by default they seem to be extremely lazy about these sorts of things. But when people with thousands of uploads still can't quite fathom the concept of an artist tag when it's right there in big bold legible letters kind of annoys me.

So I don't have a solution that works particularly well - check boxes or mandatory fields will just end up getting the most efficient, lazy answer put in them - but I do have a problem.

Maybe someone else has a good way to avoid this very simple, probably solvable and is-already-mandatory problem that doesn't devolve down to "tagme" so the community can solve it for the objectively disinterested or lazy unless it absolutely has to.