I'd improve the site by adding some actual consequences to people uploading images that clearly have an artist signature on the image in legible script but they are too busy splooging their digital art transloads onto the site to bother adding an artist tag.

The main problem I have is that I'm not sure how to get it done.

People will be people and by default they seem to be extremely lazy about these sorts of things. But when people with thousands of uploads still can't quite fathom the concept of an artist tag when it's right there in big bold legible letters kind of annoys me.

So I don't have a solution that works particularly well - check boxes or mandatory fields will just end up getting the most efficient, lazy answer put in them - but I do have a problem.

Maybe someone else has a good way to avoid this very simple, probably solvable and is-already-mandatory problem that doesn't devolve down to "tagme" so the community can solve it for the objectively disinterested or lazy unless it absolutely has to.
To be honest, I moved from posting on Gelbooru to here because a lot of stuff I'm posting is decensored Fanbox art that was getting removed there. However, the community itself was way better and the system admittedly was much more clear-cut.

Since posting here, all I've really been subjected to are immediate emails about how specific tags need to be (shouldn't use penis tag with futanari, but also getting posts edited with tags for breasts even with no_bra, etc.), kind of has me adding just the fundamental tags and letting the mods add them if they want. Happy to keep work off others usually, but if I just get bombarded with emails about tags and the only comments on posts end up being mods writing about how a tag is wrong instead of just fixing it (I do see them get changed and can adapt), then I really don't want to put in the extra effort.

On top of that, I don't know if it's because I'm posting mostly futa stuff so far, but 99% of commenting has been either unrelated, outspoken or even bordering toxic. Is this the standard for the community here? There doesn't seem to be any sort of enforcement other than a user shouting back "well just blacklist it then" or something like that. It's unrelated, negative, and just sticks on the post.

So far too, I've only heard from one mod, but there must be more? I'm conflicted because I keep getting emails and comments on my posts about the nuanced specific ways a tag should be used almost within a few minutes of posting, but several days pass on my improved reuploads, flagging the old ones for deletion. Always appreciate moderators for having to do a ton of work without getting paid, but I still think priorities need to be straightforward, and if the comment wiki mentions to "fix obvious mistakes instead of commenting about it", then I think moderators should follow it?

I don't know, it's kind of been disheartening that so far, after uploading almost 300 images I spent a very long time decensoring, this is the only reception I've received. Had one singular nice comment saying "decensoring's tough work, nice job", which isn't required by any means, but it's my one form of positivity so far I'm clinging to.

Edit: I'm ceasing uploading here, it's just bad. Found a set of my improved duplicate posts deleted incorrectly instead of the older variants I actually requested to be deleted. Plus I'm getting more elitist comments about how futa is a sin against mankind and that I'm basically polluting the site with my uploads. Cool. Fix your toxic community and enforce some of your rules, that's my recommendation. Until then, I'll be browsing images here using a booru app, but forget actually visiting this site directly and seeing all the toxic comments.
i hope blacklist can ban uploader
i don't like some uploader's picture
Improve naming moving the key information to the very beginning and removing redundant (optional).
character name -> copyright name - > by artist followed by post ID

e.g instead of "yande.re 997672 genshin_impact marinesnow shenhe swimsuits" it should be "shenhe genshin_impact by marinesnow 997672"
A way to warn users if a submission has been reported for deletion would be a good idea.

Paying attention is not as simple as it sounds when the reported submission is months old or was zapped within an hour on the reporter's say so.
Would be nice if there were a complete listing of all available commands that can be used or, if that's too much work, a link to a site that has them that's still up and running. There are some very helpful commands available that I knew nothing about that are not listed anywhere and still others that I've forgotten since I seldom use them.
After all the e-mail spamming a deletion option for mails would be neat.
My inbox is full of trash and I can't get rid of it.
Would love to clean up the mess myself.
if there isnt one, a member invite system as intermediate between lockdown and open season