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I think that this is probably the sexiest girls with glasses pic that I've seen without the girl actually wearing them.
Agreed! Definitely the sexiest girls with glasses pic. Actually, it would flow over into sexiest girl and sexiest woman categories too, it's just that great.

Love that beauty mark near her eye. XD
Strange though, she isn't naked or anything. So, exactly what is it that makes her so sexy?
To me, it's the mole next to the eye, her hairstyle, the undone shirt, and the dim environment.
Gunther said:
Strange though, she isn't naked or anything. So, exactly what is it that makes her so sexy?
I believe nudity does not equal sexy. They're mutually exclusive to me. Someone can be sexy and not naked, and someone can be naked and not sexy. Someone can be both, too. This illustration is a perfect example of my point.

Want to know why I think this is sexy? First, look at the pose. She's not just "hanging around doing work", she's seductively leaning over, and yet there is a bit of inhibition or shyness in the way she has placed her arms. Picture her arms alone, wouldn't you feel the person is shy or timid perhaps?

Her facial expression is calm, but she has placed her glasses gently in her mouth, just barely grasping on to them with her lips, or perhaps a slight hold with her front teeth where her tongue might gently press against the tip. That is incredibly sexy, especially combined with the way her hair is down and flowing.

The outfit is classy, yet revealing. You can see just enough to create a slight tease. The thigh-highs do the same. If she stands up and adjusts her posture, she can easily be the executive of the firm, but that's not what she wants to be in that moment.

All of these little nuances that contrast with each other, combined with the coloring, make for a very sexy illustration. The juxtaposition can stir emotions and feelings of taboo, without ever revealing more than a few innocent square inches of skin.
LOL. Quite the detailed analysis there. Exactly what qualifies as sexy can be hard to define and quite subjective. But the fact that you have cosplay and the like happening with sex just goes to show that naked doesn't necessarily equate to sexy. In fact, naked can often be less sexy than being clothed - especially when the clothes in question are seductive. It's a very complicated and subjective thing, really. But while naked can be very sexy, more often than not, a bit of clothing can make someone sexier than they're likely to ever be when totally naked. Of course, _explaining_ why something is sexy can be quite difficult. KintaroOeG sure put in a valiant effort though.
Oh my... Tl;dr for last two for certain. I made an effort as it seemed very interesting but got lost two sentences through. Simpler v.=pure win Hoping and thanking! ; )
The cigar behind her destroys all the sexyness.
Her mouth must taste like ashes.
This is very...very very sexy...