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Chrissues said:
lol, damned electric eels
hi Chrissues. mein name it's Kirill.
I from Russia. Here thought can ask you chats for dialogue? Or give with you we will communicate? And that Russian have got me to horror... Boringly with them... Can with Americans or who you on the country) интересснее with you will be)
I smell either a bot or a bad translator.

I expect she intended to shock Kuroko, but since they were in water it shocked everyone.
KyroDX wanna learn some english?

хочешь подучить английский?
This is a fanwork? ja ja nice Biribiri!
This is rather funny isn't it lol I like it love the comedy art :3
"Oops, I forgot to turn 'vibration' to off..."
登録タグ  さすがの1兆ボルト  すごく・・・大きいです  そして誰も居なくなった  *とある科学の超電磁砲  初春の花が散った  地獄絵図  死屍累々  *水着  花も散った  黒子だけのはずが
Silent multi-kill
I suppose this would be my favorite wwwww
holy cow... seawater conducts electricity?
No I don't think farts conduct electricity.
soon said:
holy cow... seawater conducts electricity?
Vey pure water is a very bad conductor of electricity, but even tiny amounts of ionic impurities can make it conduct. Seawater, for example, conducts water very well.

In order to get rid of organic solvents which harm the ozone layer, electronic manufacturers have been washing things in very pure water, In this case, the conductivity of the water is a very good measure of how pure it is: as soon as it stats to conduct an appreciable amount of electricity, they know they have to change the water.

Unless you know that it is extraordinarily pure, you should assume that water is conductive. Generally speaking, water and electricity *should not* mix.
MDGeist said:
Seawater, for example, conducts water very well.
Well, I should hope so.
Chrissues said:
No I don't think farts conduct electricity.
my bad....didnt saw that spark was there....~_~
amu1988 said: