hatsune_miku pisuke vocaloid

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This picture is so...beautiful. Amazing work, and it's really cute!
Probably some of the best hair I've seen as far as depth goes. I can almost feel it.
Nice. the Details are awesome, the eyes in particular just grab you, and the feeling it just... well... Nice! otherwise there's not much else to it, but i don't think there needs to be, Good job!. i give it an A for style, coloring, and feel, but a B+ for presentation as there doesn't seem to be any motivation or story, but her expression and body language tells volumes of possibilities.
Фигня какая-то!
I bet pisuke spent over 10 h drawing that ( o _ o );; the video's are really long.
This picture has many details, and looks really awesome, but I feel like something is missing, ugu ( ; A ; )