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anthropomorphization nanakusa pantsu tail thighhighs topless

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This is very cute but what is she a dragon or something
I think she is some kind of fish
Know that you mention it she dose and dude love ur avatar ^_^
It is a personification.
If I'm not mistaken for the tail-it is Vaporeon from Pokemon series.
The tag is anthropomorphization that you are looking for Rathurue.
Which is a tag that may be removed, depending on used this tag may become.
LOL. If pokemon really looked like this, I might actually watch the show.

As for her tail, it looks to me like it's got leaves on the end, so that's not particularly dinosaur-like or fish-like. It's certainly unique though.
You know, I think that this is the same character as in several other of nanakuse's drawings: post #79300, post #79296, and post #79292. So, if we're sure that this is vaporeon from pokemon, we should probably tag the others that way as well.
A few things:
1. First of all, the leaf tails and ears are different from their pokemon counterpart, which as a whole looks like some animal with dolphin's tail, fish fins for ears, a mane and blue overall. --> Search vaporeon on Google images for a better idea.

2. This one is by far better then #79300, 79296, 79292!

3. Yes, if there is a pokemon that looked like that, even with clothes on, I would consider watching the show.

4. Including other things, even considering anthropomorphism and its non-human parts, this girl has very little resemblance to vaporeon and maybe should have those tags revoked.

Either way, it deserves heaps of votes. :D
Vaporeon does NOT have a leaf like tail. This is not Poke'mon related. On a slightly unrelated note, Vaporeon is one of my favorite Poke'mon :D
^ what happens if you pressed AltGr+e ?