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anthropomorphization gia mecha_musume sword wallpaper

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When i first read this, it made me wish we had an 'engrish' tag.
Language aside the use of vibrant colours on these gia images is pretty good in my book.
It does not need to be afraid.
Radioactivity is a friend. If you touch gently.
radioactivity will also respond to it.If you do not die.
It fits your name well.

Most radioactive things will just obliterate your body, and it doesn't have to be green and glowy.

Should also note that its not really 'influencing' as it is mostly killing.
Just stand a couple feet away from a Beta source (I think it was that) or a sheet of paper for Alpha and you are fine.
It is Gamma (and other EM-spectrum) sources you have to worry about. (unless you are stupid enough to get close to Alpha)

And the images are good, I saw the girls on Kona the other week and downloaded a few.
The way you people are talking makes me feel really stupid...
Oh, HEY! Preeeeeettyyyyyy picturrrrrrrrrrrrrre!
NT110 said:
Oh, HEY! Preeeeeettyyyyyy picturrrrrrrrrrrrrre!
That's better then some comments I've seen...
that's the result of using ATLAS