hitomaru maid shrine sword tentacles

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Amazing sword, this must be what she uses to make sure the customer pays for the service.

She must be the result of all those tentacle xxx girls around the site

Now with those extra arms, maids can serve many tables at the same time! How convenient!
Ho, it's true... It would be scary to be served by a tentacle though... What to fear more... The sword or the tentacles?
I think this is the first safe tentacle picture I've ever seen...
And how come, from Hitomaru. Ohoho he's a sharp artist~
he's a kind of artists you shouldn't see, debbie..
Unfortunately... snivel...
I like some of his posts like post #81662
Cute and gothic...
Stay away from his other work. (Unless you like extreme_content)
Yeah... I will...
I pressed "hitomaru" tag and wow, it looks like extreme_content is his 4th most used general tag... Thankfully blacklists exists... Hitomaru and Ishikei works are almost always hidden from me... Snivel.