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male naruto uchiha_sasuke vector_trace wallpaper

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Can we change the allowable quality of the vector trace?
I deleted post #106442.
Oh no, Brufh is back. Break out the tag scripts because they never check for the correct tags.

I'm always up for a reason to get rid of some of this user's posts. It's become increasingly difficult since they switched to vector. And they only have them-self to blame for my dislike of the posts - if it weren't for the clean up that has to be done every time I wouldn't.

Could we possibly get some aliasing done on some of these? Like school_girl to deltethistag, blowjob to fellatio and mastrubating/masturbating to masturbation. (or better yet, suspend them till its cleaned up because they aint stopping)
There's quite a bit of extractions I should delete too b/c they are utterly a POS.