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aflame_inferno bandages bottomless bra breast_grab cleavage crossover gap garter_belt gehenna ha_ji-soo kim_kwang-hyun kuro kurokami lingerie megane pantsu re:birth sano_akane sarashi stockings sword tachibana_ayaka takanashi_erina thighhighs unbalance_x_unbalance underboob

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I wonder about meaning of numbers written here. I can assume first number means threir heights, but what about second number. It is impossible for it to be their weight. May be age...
I think you'll find those are their chest and hips/waist measurements.
According to my observation, the second numbers may be their chest measurements.
the numbers should be height/bust, since the highest (174) would be 5 foot 7 inches, and comparing all the other bodies rules out the second number being waist and hip