aisaka_taiga dress feet karakasamatsu_toogo loli pantsu string_panties thighhighs toradora! undressing

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Is she loli cause shes flat or...?
She's in 10th grade (I think - it's been a while), so I'm not sure if that really qualifies as loli.
She looks loli, but she's older (like... 16 ish)
She is the same age as Ranka Lee,
also the same flat as her ヾ( ´_ゝ`)
We don't use loli tag for taiga. Xd I forgot what other character also falls under this umbrella. If I'm wrong feel to correct me please. ^_^'
From what I've seen, her usual face doesn't give the "loli" depends on the fan artists to give her a "loli" look.........
Loli isn't just being underage; it can also be used to describe a character that has a child-like appearance, just to clear things up for those that get confused about it. Heck, I'd classify Taiga as a loli... and if I remember right other characters have referred to her as one too.
I haven't seen the show...I just go by her devious appearance on images I see of her.
So I guess I'll take your word on that and the definition.
Ponnkun said:
Loli isn't just being underage
Loli is used as a blacklist tag on this site.
In the series Taiga is supposed to be at age 17. Not a loli.
Carsaib said:
Not a loli.
It doesn't matter what their age is, it's how they are drawn.
All should be drawn as loli :)
Loli certainly is great but then that eliminates many of the other great pics that are non-loli such as your Ava bakeneko XD
lol yeah I know - though my ava is pretty much loli
But not quite there is it? ; ) It gets eliminated from existence for not making loli cut. xd!