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vaguely reminds me of "from dusk till dawn" O.o...in modern...dunno...maybe the atmosphere, etc
no, not 2012. We'll still be here next year.

I'd say more like 2050, when science has now deployed nanotechnology and human cloning and anti-stupidity WMDs. What you see here is probably the product of human clones rebelling against humans (out-of-vagina ones) for exploiting their organs for money by using nanotechnology to decay human cities while nuking idiots and trash.

Oh, by the way. The shiny-awesome tower is my house.
Atys said:
no, not 2012. We'll still be here next year.
Next year is 2011.
SciFi said:
Next year is 2011.
Exactly my point!
Then you should have made it clear which year you were referring to at the time, it was implied that you were referring to 2012