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bra breasts hatsune_miku nipples open_shirt screening urushihara_satoshi vocaloid

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Omg... who IS this supposed to be?

Sorry, but this **** will send miku-fans off rooftops because their idol is wearing a WIG.
Urushihara loves '80s hair.
Oh my God her nipples look terrible.
Thats not a true Uru pic !

The hairy vagoo is missing...
Debbie said:
Oh my God her nipples look terrible.
I hear quite the complaint every time this artist pops up on the comment. Usually negative comments.
aoie_emesai said:
Always negative comments.
Not all his drawings are bad.

Most of them make me go "... ;/" though.
Uncanny Valley nipple effect? :B
Riven said:
Uncanny Valley nipple effect? :B
Best explanation of the Urushihara's Nipples Problem I've ever read :) To be honest, I kind of like some of the faces Urushihara draws, they are quite cute, its just that his drawings aren't 'classy' erotic, just plain porn (girl spreadeagle, tears on her eyes and a d*ck on her 'parts', sometimes more than one).