You there!
I'm telling you today's basketball is naked!
basketball bleed_through bottomless breasts c:drive crease fixme fusataka_shikibu gym_uniform hayasaka_natsumi hiakari_haruka iwashimiszu_tokiko nipples no_bra pantsu saimin_seikatsu shimapan tatsumi_makino thighhighs undressing

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LOL. What is this, the clothed team vs the unclothed team? Or are they playing strip basketball and the red team is no good?
probably strip basketball since she's undressing her self can someone translate what nº 10 is saying please
Why the hell is she carrying a shinai if she's playing basketball?!
Auto lose! NAO STRIP!
i have seen many manga were the captain of the team shouts at them with a shinai or a stick to "encourage" them to play harder nothing wrong at my point of view exept theyre nude hehe
The story outline.
The protagonist hypnotized the whole school and made them believe his random fetish delusions as common senses. Only the girl who undressing didn't hypnotized, thus only she is hesitating.