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Ritsu = John Lennon.
Mio = Paul McCartney.
Tsumugi = George Harrison.
Yui = Ringo Starr.

What the BEEP!?

Didn't this image just get deleted?

And on that note...why?
The other one was a user-created wallpaper, this the original.
Oh...I see...ahem.........

I can't help but laugh hard now.
Legs haven't been drawn well.
Ritsu's legs looks more bad. But I probably don't have eyes like yours Radioactive.

Is everyone legs normally like that in K-on!? I still haven't watched it yet.
Now that's what I call thundering thighs.
Maybe the Lucky Star silhouettes could be tagged as well (or maybe not cause they're just silhouettes?...i don't know >.<)...and yeah, legs are extremely "weird" (and the shoes! omg)
The drawing of K-on! has never been up to the standard of say.. CLAMP. But it's their style to be not so refined.
But this one is particularly bad. Blame the artist.
ToshioTV said:
legs are "weird"
Yea I was going to say that, and the shading on them makes them look even bigger.
But. Oh well. Still not that bad.
Wow IMO Yui's legs look masculine and the others just plainly too big. :L