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buruma detexted no_bra photoshop shirt_lift tomose_shunsaku underboob undressing

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Notice what has been 'censored'
Hermes666 said:
a nippleless creature
But why photoshop that? Weird.
Back then there were scanners/uploaders who would self-censor scans so they could be uploaded to the long dead AnimePaper.
Actually, the nipples look untouched. They're under her shirt.

But I do notice some photoshopped lines around her waist. IMO it's more like a "fix" (like removing background) instead of "photoshop" (in our definition)..

Could anyone find a original one to compare?
It's text removal, the little strings on the pants have been re-drawn, same with several parts of the pants. And the waist, and the hair has been colored over in spots. There was a lot of text on it. Probably a magazine cover.

Oh more than that look: http://www.max-p.jp/adult/2010/01/-20103.html
The whole image was extended, you can see the redraws in all the places missing on the cover. Dedicated.

Nipples are the same.
That's some serious dedication.. normally it should be tagged as detexted only but considering the extension part, I will keep the photoshop tag as well.
Thanks for the info. Radioactive, fireattack, cheese.
fireattack said:
Actually, the nipples look untouched. They're under her shirt.
I was referring to the lack of areola, but having not seen the original image it might be deliberate.